Bonuses, Cash-backs and Loyalty

HighLow Members enjoy a whole range of features and benefits, but it’s our fabulous
Cash-backs and our loyalty scheme, HighLow Points that sets us apart.

About Cash-backs
About HighLow Points
About Cash-backs

Understanding cash-backs

Cash-backs are redeemed through trading. They are a reward issued to Traders at various times (including after initial deposit) and provide funds back into your trading account after you trade, win or lose.

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HighLow provides a $50 cash-back to all new traders who sign-up for a free account and make a deposit.

As the cash-back amounts are redeemed, Traders can withdraw their funds (including redeemed cash-back amounts) with no strings attached. This is in stark contrast to most Binary options brokers out there who seem to offer (what looks like) generous sign-up bonuses, deposit-matching and cash-backs – only for unsuspecting Traders to discover that their funds are locked and can’t be withdrawn until certain volume thresholds have been traded. Not so with HighLow and HighLow cash-backs.

…most Binary options brokers seem to offer generous sign-up bonuses – only for unsuspecting Traders to discover that their funds are locked and can’t be withdrawn until certain volume thresholds have been traded. Not so with HighLow cash-backs.

When can you expect cash-backs?

After first trade

All new accounts receive a $50 cash-back after initial trade is made.

On volume traded

Our loyalty scheme, HighLow Points rewards traders with cash-backs.

On an ad-hoc basis

HighLow often runs promotions whereby traders receive cash-backs.

Logged-in Member’s view of the Trading Platform with a cash-back balance of $1,090 available
Members know they’ve been awarded a Cash-back the first time they log-in after it’s been applied by HighLow.
By viewing your Trade Actions report you can see where winning and losing trades have been reimbursed with cash-backs
Learn about our loyalty scheme, HighLow Points
About HighLow Points

Be rewarded, win or lose

HighLow Points is the loyalty program that rewards Traders for trading. Each month, receive Cash-backs as you move up the HighLow Points tiers. The more volume you trade, the more HighLow Points you receive.

The 4 tiers
From $0 to $9,999.00 traded. You will earn 0 points
while you're in this tier
From $10,000.00 to $19,999.00 traded. Earn 3 points for every $10.00 traded.
From $20,000.00 to $49,999.00 traded. Earn 5 points for every $10.00 traded.
From $50,000.00 traded. Earn 10 points for every $10.00 traded. Maximum 50,000 points.

Redeem Points for Cash-backs

Your points are converted to Cash-backs, available to claim upon on the first trading day of the following month. Cash-back are calculated by dividing your monthly Points total by 100.

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$0 $50k+
Cash-back available on
the 1st trading day of
the following month
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